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Stamp Collectors Database - Nostalgia Page

Over the years, The Stamp Collectors Database software has grown.  Here is a look back at our long history.

1985 (Yes - 1985!) article in Linn's Stamp News - "Stamp Collectors Data Base a time saver" by Bill Sharpe.  This was the first time The Stamp Collector's Data Base was ever reviewed.  In 1985, the software ran as dBASE III application and you were required to own Aston-Tate's dBASE III (which cost over $400 back in 1985).

1987 article in Linn's Stamp News - "Inventory program gains improvements" by Bill Sharpe.

1988 article in The Compulatelist - "Software Review - Stamp Collectors Data Base Program".  The Compulatelist was the quarterly newsletter of the Philatelic Computing Study Group of the APS.  Unfortunately the group disbanded in 2007. 

1989 article from Linn's Stamp News - "Revised program lists 2,900 stamp entries" by Bill Sharpe.

1991 article from The American Philatelist"Does Your Collection Compute" by Steve McGourtney.  In this article, you will find a list of software vendors for philatelic inventory software.  To the best of our knowledge, ALL of the vendors listed are no longer around - except for us!

1993 article from Compuserve Magazine - "From Avocation to Occupation" by James Baumann.

1994 article from The Compulatelist - "The Stamp Collector's Data Base" by Martin Richardson.

1999 article from Linn's Stamp News - "Database includes Scott Numbers, images" by Bill Sharpe.

2003 article from Linns's Stamp News - "Edelman's stamp database has much to offer" by Bill Sharpe.