The Stamp Collectors Database
Simply the best inventory software for your stamp collection.

Stamp Collectors Database - Program Details

The Stamp Collector’s Database for Intel based computers is a full function, high speed, menu driven data base management system for the discriminating philatelist.

The Stamp Collector’s Database has been compared to other philatelic programs on a number of occasions. 
It was rated #1 in a review of philatelic software in the American Philatelist (September 1991) and in The Compulatelist (July 1992). There have been no other side-by-side comparisons since and in addition, most of the programs reviewed then are no longer available and the software publishers have closed!

The Stamp Collector’s Database contains over 11,000+ US Stamps cataloged by Scott Number and over 5,000 US stamp images. Current 2012 pricing is also included (2013 pricing and the 2013 Annual Updates will be released in April 2013) .  The Stamp Collector’s Database allows the collector to keep up-to-date information pertaining to their collection, calculate value total value and print reports.

The Stamp Collector’s Database allows the philatelist to inventory stamps in the following categories: 

  • Mint Singles
  • Used Singles
  • Block of 4
  • Plate Blocks
  • Line Pairs & Plate Number Coils (PNC)
  • First Day Cover (FDC)
  • Mint Sheets
Each of the above categories is further broken down by stamp condition, allowing for the specification of stamps by extra fine, fine, and good conditions.  For each category and condition, users may detail the number of stamps held, the current value, the price paid, and a location describing where the stamp is stored. 

The Stamp Collector’s Database also includes the following information:

  • Stamp Perforation
  • Format
  • Issue Date
  • Earliest Known Use (EKU) Date 
  • Descriptions of the stamp (denomination & color)
  • Comments (stamp subject)

Other features include:

  • Storage Space for detailed notes for each stamp, which can be up to several pages long (64,000 characters).
  • Storage space for alternate catalog numbers
  • Storage space for certification information
  • Easy stamp duplication & creation
  • Over 20 different reports
  • Full value calculation for collection value and number of stamps
  • Summary report that displays total stamps and values

In addition to the country database files we provide, the software will allow you to create new database files for any country or topic.

Updates for all databases are available yearly.  All registered owners of The Stamp Collector’s Database will be notified by mail when the updates are available, usually in March-April.   The cost for the updates is normally $30 for the US and $18.50 for additional countries.

System requirements:
SCDB for Windows has no specific system requirements other than this program can only be used on Windows systems running 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows. 

Telephone technical support is provided free of charge for all registered users.  Ask us about our Premium Support package. 

What is Premium Support?  With Premium Support, we will take control of your PC with secure remote control software.  We will resolve your problem or demonstrate how to do something.  All you need to do is sit back and watch.  You can also use the Premium Support subscription to fix your other computer problems and questions such as virus clean-up, computer performance optimization, remote backup and general software support. 

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