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Download the SCDB for Windows Version 4 users manual.
This manual is in Adobe PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.  If it is not installed on your computer, it is a free download from

Download SCDB for Windows Version 4.2016.07.01 Maintenance Release
The file is the most current release of SCDB for Windows Version 4

You have two options for installation of this patch:

1) If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, you can choose RUN when you click on the link above.  Doing so will download the ZIP file, open it and display the contents - which is the installation program.  Simply double click on the program you find and it will install the patch.  SCDB for Windows MUST BE CLOSED when installing this patch.

2) Download this file and save it to a folder on your computer.  The file is a COMPRESSED ZIP file.  Once it has been downloaded, double click on the file you just downloaded.  It contains the install program.  Double click on the install program to install the patch.  When you save this file to your computer, be sure to make a note of where you saved the file!  SCDB for Windows MUST BE CLOSED when installing this patch.

This is NOT the annual update program and does not contain any stamp data.

Important Notice - SCDB for Windows Version 4.2016 requires the use of Microsoft Access Runtime 2010.  This was included on all SCDB for Windows DVDs starting with the Version4.2015 DVDs.  If you don't have these DVDs, you can download the Access 2010 Runtime from here.

There are two files that you MUST get and install.  Here are the links: - BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE WITHOUT THE "X64" AT THE END. - THIS IS SERIVICE PACK 2 AND IS REQUIRED.

Once you have SCDB for Windows Version 4.2016.07.01 AND the 32-Bit Microsoft Access Runtime installed, you will be running the most current release of the software.

If you are unable to do the above, you can use the Remote Hands Support below to get it done. 

Remote Hands Support

What is Remote Hands Support?  With Remote Hands Support, we use secure remote control software to take control of your PC.  This allows us to "sit right in front of your computer" without actually being there.  You can also watch what we do right on your screen.  In addition to providing support of our own software, we can help you with virus clean-up, increasing system performance, remote backup and general support with many of your computer and software questions.   SCDB for Windows Remote Hands Support fee is $25.  Support for system maintenance or anything OTHER than SCDB for Windows problems start at $70 per hour.  All fees are payable at the time of service.